Welcome to the Daniel Follette performance blog

Thank you for your curiosity!

I hope you are rewarded with well-written, well-organized quality content. I’ve been very free with my criticism of other web postings and now I have to walk the talk.

Right now (Sept. 13, 2009), we’re just getting started. Soon, though, you should begin to see information and links relevant to performance consulting, training, behavioral analysis, writing and design. You should also expect posts about the music business, especially production and marketing.

I’ll try to avoid leaving those ragged pieces of thought that sometimes pop out whenever something strikes a nerve or strikes my fancy. (And  knowing that is impossible, I’ll try to make them entertaining and informative.)

This all works best if I am not my only critic. So please, be free with your comments, suggestions and topics that would interest you (within the general content constraints described above).

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